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Fitnessband aus 100% natürlichem Latex für ein individuelles Krafttraining. Passend geeignet für das Training mit unserem Sportboard und für ein gezieltes Trainieren der Muskelgruppen Beine, Bauch, Brust, Rücken, Schultern, Trizeps und Bizeps

Abwechslungsreiches Training zur Stärkung von Muskeln, Beweglichkeit, Koordination und Haltung

Reißfestes Widerstandsband aus hochwertigem Latex. Für die Anforderungen eines anspruchsvollen Fitnesstrainings entworfen und gefertigt. Die hohe Qualität des Bands bietet dauerhaft die nötige Widerstandskraft und Elastizität für dein Training


Simple fitness device for effective strength training
✓ Working out with our multi-level resistance band is simple and effective. The incorporated loops are marked with numbers and enable versatile exercises with different training intensities without having to adjust the band to the required length beforehand.
✓ The band compact, portable and easy to transport. So you can workout anywhere and anytime.  
✓ Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced, tall or small, man or woman: The multifunctional fitness band boosts your individual training and shows immediate results.
✓ The resistance of the band supports optimal muscle growth, as maximum tension can be sustained for as long as possible. This constant load over the entire sequence of movements leads to an effective training.

Gentle gymnastics
✓ Elastic bands have been used for a long time in physiotherapy and rehabilitation training. The fitness band with 8 different resistance levels is ideal for gradually getting back into shape.

Improving posture
✓ Exercising with the fitness band targets the most important muscle groups and can support the overall posture. The wide range of exercises helps to stay physically fit and also to develop your coordination skills.

Material: Nylon 
Length of the band: 98 cm
Width of the band: 5 cm
Length of the loops: each 12 cm
Washable: ideal at 30 °C / 86 °F


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